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Keith Uthe

I live in Calgary, AB and began investing in real estate in 2003. I became an REIA and Licensed Mortgage Agent in 2016. We currently own 17 doors and have five JV partnerships.  I am also a specialist in legal secondary suites.

I grow my knowledge through meetings, courses and networking as a REIN member since 2011.   I have completed live presentations and had several featured articles.  As well, I have been a basketball official for 30 years and officiated at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto.

AWARDS: 2017 REIN Real Estate Professional of the Year, 2017 Mortgage
Alliance: Top 20% Canada, 2015 REIN Innovative Investor of the Year
My vision is ‘Everyone Shall Live a Life of Abundance’.  That’s what I love about being a Real Estate Investment Advisor and Mortgage Agent – they allow me to find impactful ways to help others achieve their short term or long term goals.

My Legacy Book

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What Could Go Wrong

It’s important to be ready for any hardships life may throw your way. Learn the events that can go wrong for real estate investors and what you can do to prepare for, mitigate or eliminate them. Get equipped with the understanding you need to embrace and await adversity so you are prepared to equip others.

What Can Go Wrong

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